I’m Mutethya

A storyteller, social media enthusiast, and a passionate gospel champion, dedicated to helping you give God your yes and go hard after His best for you!


"I believe, with all that I am, that the gospel stands at the top of all solutions to man’s issues."


I trained as a lawyer in Campus, but because I Said Yes to My Heavenly Father, I’m out here radically going after His best for me as a gospel champion.


As I share my faith journeys here, I hope to help you realize that you were meant to partner with God, in whatever He has called you to do, to reach a lost and dying world with His love. I hope that you see that you, child of God, have all it takes to change the world.


I pray that, beyond garnished stories and shared experiences, our lives will be marked with such deep faith, passion and a constant hunger for more. I’m so excited to see what an army of passionate and totally sold out Kingdom people can do!


Daring to set the pace for a generation of firebrands

At times, all we need is a mark of possibility. To see or hear of someone walking the path we are afraid of stepping into. There is something about the testimony of others. Especially if these people are much more like us. They activate the power of God in our lives. They spur us unto faith. And faith is the fuel that our rockets need to land to the moon. Faith, Passion and a constant hunger for more is what this generation of firebrands needs to accomplish the impossible. I SAID YES is one such mark of possibility!


What Others Say about "I Said Yes"

"I said yes is a titillating book by my sister and friend about her God, her purpose, and the process of walking in it. Even though she wrote the book for herself, as a reminder of the why for her yes, she'll have you saying yes unwaveringly to God, who you are in Him and your purpose on this planet. The teacher in her truthfully and wholesomely shows you the how and the why of doing and living a fire branded life with passion and totally sold out to Christ."

Eunice Kimani

Chief Editor
"I SAID YES is a uniquely crafted life story driven by a desire to walk in the footsteps of Christ. Each page offers a challenge to rise and be counted as one who is not afraid to boldly step into purpose and destiny. It is characterized by a passionate call to hunger for more of God and step out of one's comfort zone into living in His whispers."

Franklin Kamunde

Co-editor and Ministry Associate


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